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"Plaza de la Merced wird zum Yoga-Saal", SUR deutsche Ausgabe, Beatrice Lavalle.

 MÁLAGA. Yoga-Liebhaber aller Altersgruppen nahmen am vergangenen Freitag die Plaza de la Merced bei einer neuen Ausgabe der vom Barrio Picasso und Yogasala Málaga organisierten Initiative ‘Yoga en la Plaza’ in Beschlag.

Die Initiative wurde auch vom Umgebungamt des Stadtrat organisiert und gefördert.

Danke alles.

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"My Life Outside of the Mat" By Joaquín G Weil. Translation from Spanish by Stephanie Thomas and Be Pryce

Photo Toni Otero

Translated from the spanish original issue 

A temple signifies a piece of the sky, known to be sacred. Imagine the edge of the sky outlined by primitive rocks, making a circular threshold. For us, the yoga mat is an equally sacred piece of the ground.

I remember passing through Paharganj in the middle of the craziness of New Delhi. As you can imagine, there were motorcars, temples, cows, civilians, police, soldiers, school children, panhandlers, tourists, cyclists, and even elephants. And off in the distance, past the bazars, hotels and stalls, was an escape to tranquility, in the temple of the Ramakrishna Foundation.

There are occasions when our life is like Paharganji; a tremendous ruckus filled with confusions of life’s daily struggles. Sometimes we are like peaceful warriors, looking for a sanctuary where we can activate the principals of our practice: concentration, attention, patience, fairness, moderation, contentment.

The constant hustle and bustle leaves us anxiously awaiting the sound of the gong, the bell, the sat namm, the om namo shivaya. We need the sound to pierce the threshold of the sacred ground where we lie. We need it to salvage our internal fight, to recompose ourselves, and heal our wounds.

For me it was in the Amithabha Center, on those wall-to-wall green carpets, those old sky-blue yoga mats, with the excellent teacher Concepcion Ruiz (to honor my first teacher); this was when I met Yoga for the first time. And years later, when I traveled to the Amazon or the Himalayas, or wherever I wanted to go, a yoga mat or a doubled-over blanket used as a meditation cushion, almost immediately took me back to a magical home. Not any old home, but my true home, my own center, a place to feel like myself and find my true pristine equilibrium.

Since then, wherever I unroll it, my yoga mat has always been my temple, my confidence, and my oracle. It is a holy place to obtain sacred advice, to clear my mind of dilemmas, to tune into my intuition and the light that guides me.

In the end, those who visit their temple with frequency understand the walls and doors of a neighborhood are translucent. Strength gained from our temple and our practice begins overflowing through the walls built around an area, and spreading all over the globe. Our practice extends equally towards the humble and the hostile, as they are both capable of housing the tutelary gods. Just like altars that can be set up either in forests, deserts, peaks or battle fields.
After cleansing our bodies and souls during the practice of yoga, we are relaxed. We chant the mantra ‘Om’ and return to our homes with a relaxed and positive energy. At first yoga is simply a clean coat of paint on our bodies, but after years of practice it turns into an unforgettable tattoo.

Our feet leave the mat but continue being firm and steady. Our lungs that chanted Om continue breathing deeply. The muscles and bones that do not tremble during difficult balancing postures maintain steady during overloaded and busy days. Our mind remembers that we should not give into emotional fits of anger.

Thanks, honor and gratitude to all of the Rishis and teachers that grow and pass on from generation to generation the blessed practice of Yoga.

Joaquín García Weil is a licensed Philosopher, yoga professor, and director of the studio YogaSala Málaga, Spain. He is a student of Swami Rudradev, Yoga Study Center in Rishikesh, India. He also studied with Dr. Vagish Sastri from Benares, India, in addition to others.

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Shambhala, personal development, social evolution, English Subtitles, translation: Marta Moreno, also: Deutsche, язык, Español.

The pressing need to find our own path in the universe comes from the vastness of the infinite space that is still in search of its own self.

Desde la inmensidad del espacio infinito que aún busca su propio yo, nos llega la imperiosa necesidad de encontrar nuestro camino universal.

Consequently, the best moment to get to know our inner universe is when we become aware of our insignificance.
Por ello en la conciencia de nuestra insignificancia está el mejor momento de conocer nuestro universo interno.

Dance and yoga follow the same pattern.

La danza y el yoga tienen un mismo patrón.
In Hindy mythology the harmony of the universe was reflected in the dance of Shiva.
La armonía en el universo estaba en la mitología india reflejada por la danza de Shiva.

The dance of Shiva sustains the harmony of the universe in a dynamic way, in terms of movemtnt. 

La danza de Shiva sostiene la armonía del universo de un modo dinámico, un modo de movimiento.

Shiva is the patron of yoga and dance.

Shiva es el patrón del yoga y de la danza.

Since the most remote times, when humans lived among nature, the source of all knowledge has necessarily been the study of our own self.

La fuente de todo conocimiento necesariamente ha de ser el estudio de uno mismo. Desde los tiempos primitivos, cuando el hombre vivía en mitad de la naturaleza.

This culture was born from the study of our own self. All knowledge, for instance the study of the healing power of plants or agriculture, has its origin in the contact of humans with nature and with their own nature.

Esa misma cultura nació a partir del estudio de sí. Todos los conocimientos, el estudio del poder curador de las plantas, la agricultura fue el contacto del ser humano con la Naturaleza y con su propia naturaleza. 

La gran pregunta es: ¿Qué es la Naturaleza y cuál es mi naturaleza?
The big question is: ‘What is nature and what is my own nature?’
Platón proponía que si los filósofos o sabios no pueden ser reyes, al menos que los reyes sean sabios.

Plato recommended that if the philosophers and wise men could not be kings, the kings, at least, should be wise.
El objetivo principal de la política habría de ser que los integrantes de una sociedad dispusieran de las condiciones para poder desarrollarse plenamente como personas.

Politics is primarily concerned with the development and flourishing of all members of society.

Karl Marx establecía como uno de los objetivos de su teoría política que las sociedades pudieran establecer las condiciones para un ocio creativo y artístico. 

Karl Marx established as one of the goals of his political theory the creation of the right conditions for the development of artistic and creative leisure in all societies.   

En una sociedad y en una economía y en una política no pueden olvidarse sino que han de fomentarse los valores éticos, creativos y espirituales de las personas que la integran.

In any society, economic or political system, the ethical, creative and spiritual values of its members must not be forgotten. What is more, they must be promoted.

Según el conocimiento de los antiguos, la naturaleza y el ser humano tienen los mismos elementos: la tierra, el aire y en mitad el fuego. 

According to ancient knowledge, both nature and humans have the same elements: Earth, Air, and Fire in between.
El equilibrio consiste en que cada elemento esté en su lugar. 
Balance is achieved when each element is in the right place.
 El yoga nos enseña que la posición física está en relación con la respiración, así como el tronco expandido y libre de tensiones. 

Yoga teaches that our physical position is related to our breathing, the expansion of our trunk and the lack of tension.

También sabemos que en los idiomas antiguos el núcleo más esencial y sutil de nuestro ser recibía nombres en relación con la respirción: en griego antiguo "psique" significa "aliento vital", la palabra latina "spiritus" significa en origen "respiración", así como la palabra sánscrita "atman" casi idéntica a la alemana "atmen" singifican también "respiración".

We also know that in the ancient languages, our most essential and subtle core received names related to the act of breathing: in Ancient Greek ‘psique’ meant ‘life breath’, the Latin term ‘spiritus’ originally meant ‘breathing’, and the Sanscrit word ‘atman’, almost identical to the German ‘atmen’, also meant ‘breathing’.

Siguiendo con el razonamiento, una respiración amplia, enérgica, fluida y libre, y la posición física cómodamente erguida que la procura, están en relación con nuestro equilibrio psíquico. 

Following this train of thought, deep, energetic, even, and unobstructed breathing and a comfortably straight physical position are directly related to our mental balance.
Los ejercicios yóguicos que potencian una posición física idónea para una buena respiración son principalmente aquellos que desarrollan el equilibrio, principalmente el equilibrio sobre la cabeza. 

The yoga exercises that promote the right physical position for good breathing are mainly those that develop balance, principally, balance on the head. 

Al presionar contra el suelo con la coronilla, luego en la posición habitual de pie o en la posición sentada, habremos aprendido a empujar el cielo con la coronilla. De modo que nuestra columna quedará erguida en equilibrio.

If we press the ground with the crown of our head, we will learn to push the sky in the same way in a standing or sitting position. Accordingly, our spine will be upright and in balance.

También colaboran en este sentido las torsiones o giros, que de modo dinámico yerguen la columna de modo parecido al giro de una peonza que crea equilibrio ascendente

The binds and twists also contribute to this goal, straightening the spine like a spinning top that creates an ascending type of balance.
Y también los arqueos, que generan espacio en la parte anterior del tórax, y estiran y relajan los intercostales y el diafragma, que son los principales músculos que mueven la respiración.

We must also mention the backbends, which generate space in the upper chest, and stretch and relax the intercostal muscles and the diaphragm, which are the main muscles that move our breathing.

Una postura relajada y cómodamente erguida, además de permitir y potenciar una mejor respiración, crea un eje vertical de equilibrio, que armoniza nuestra alma desiderativa, el abdomen, con el corazón sede de la voluntad y la valentía, y arriba la cabeza que simboliza nuestro intelecto según el concepto clásico de la ubicación de las partes del alma en el cuerpo en el alma que ya estableciera Platón.

A relaxed and comfortably straight position, apart from allowing and encouraging a better type of breathing, creates a vertical axe of balance that coordinates our appetitive soul, located in the abdomen, our will and courage, located in the heart, and our intellect, located in the head, according to the Platonic division of the  soul.

Aristóteles sostenía que las formas de manifestarse nuestro cuerpo cuerpo constituyen su alma.
La atención y la concentración sobre las posiciones que el cuerpo adopta y su respiración es el espejo donde la mente se contempla. El espejo mágico que le permite acceder a sus tesoros interiores: sus cualidades, sus virtudes.

Aristotle claimed that the different ways in which our body manifests itself constitute its soul. The focus and concentration on the positions that our body adopts and our breathing is like a mirror that reflects our minds. 

Desde antiguo el reino mítico de Shambhala es la referencia, el horizonte de una sociedad evolucionada gracias al desarrollo personal de sus ciudadanos. 
Since the most ancient times, the mythical kingdom of Shambhala is the reference for any advanced society thanks to the personal development of its citizens.

El gobernante de Shambhala ante todo tenía como objetivo principal alcanzar el nivel óptimo de la sociedad a través de la cultura y el conocimiento individual.

The governor of Shambhala had as his main goal the achievement of the best level of his society thorough culture developement and self knowledge.
Es muy importante tener presente en la sociedad moderna que las personas además de tener o hacer, también necesitan ser.

It is very important to bear in mind that in a modern society people need not only to have or do, but also to be.

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"Mother's Blessing" - "La bendición de tu madre". Spanish / English song. Snatam Kaur

Dedicated to Saskia, Carolina, Ruth and their beautiful families and to all the yoginis-mothers:


Karan: What inspired you to record this particular track?

Snatam: During my pregnancy, I was reciting the words to this shabd 11 times per day to pray for the baby in my womb, and I was really inspired to hear it with other mothers. I wanted to share the experience I had with this shabd. While I was pregnant, every day people would ask me things like if I had gotten a stroller yet, or a crib, or if my nursery was set up yet. People were always asking me if I had gotten all of the physical things I needed. But I’m just not a planner or a “things” person – I don’t really relate to “stuff”. To me, the most important thing was that I connected with my child energetically, so I was reciting the shabd in English and Gurmukhi and started getting deeper into the meaning of it, and it really inspired me. It says “May your clothing be the protection of God and your food be the singing of God’s praise .” It really helped me prioritize and relax about the material things, and I really felt like the right thing to do was to pray for the soul of the baby coming in. As a mom, I realized that would be my most important job. After reciting just the words for a while, I sat down one day and came up with the tune we used in this piece and I knew I wanted to record it.

Karan: Why did you decide to translate it into Spanish?

Snatam: I had been really wanting to sing something in Spanish for a while, and the tune I wrote for this piece inspired me to find out the Spanish lyrics. My friend translated it in such a beautiful way, and the words ended up fitting so beautifully with the tune, I knew it was meant to be. Over the years, I have received so much love, so many e-mails and letters from Spanish speakers and I wanted to give a gift to them and that’s how it all came about.

So, here are the words from the shabd in both English and Spanish:

Track 4: Mother’s Blessing – La Bendición De Tu Madre
Words of Bibi Bani, wife of Guru Ram Das the Fourth Guru of the Sikhs

Retoño mio, esta es la bendición de tu madre.
Oh my child this is your mother’s blessing.

Nunca olvides a Dios, ni un momento
May you never forget God, even for a moment

Adorando, por siempre, al Señor del Universo
Worshipping forever the Lord of the universe.

Recordando a Dios, todos los errores son purificados.
Remembering God, all mistakes are washed away.

Y todos nuestros ancestros son acogidos y salvados.
And one’s ancestors are redeemed and saved.

Siempre canta el nombre de Dios, Har Har
Always chant God’s Name, Har Har

Dios esta en tu interior, Dios es infinito.
God is inside you, God is Infinite.

Que el Verdadero Guru te sea amable
May the True Guru be kind to you

Que ames estar en compañía de santos.
May you love to be with the Saints.

Que tu prenda de vestir sea la protección de Dios
May your clothing be the protection of God

Que tu sustento sea el canto de la alabanza de Dios.
May your food be the singing of God’s Praise.

Bebe el néctar del nombre de Dios, y vive una larga vida
Drink the nectar of God’s Name and live long

Que la meditación en Dios te traiga dicha incesante
May meditation on God bring you endless bliss.

Que el amor sea tuyo propio y tus deseos se cumplan
May love be yours and your hopes fulfilled

Que la preocupación nunca te consuma.
May you never be worn by worry.

Haz de tu mente el abejorro
Let this mind of yours be the bumble bee

Y que los pies de loto de Dios sean la flor.
And let the Lotus Feet of God be the flower.

Oh sirviente Nanak, ata tu mente de esta manera
Oh Servant Nanak, link your mind in this way

Como el gavilán encuentra la gota de lluvia, y prospera.
Like the sparrow hawk finding a raindrop, blossom forth.

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The colour of hope (Color Esperanza, English lyrics), it’s better to get lost than never having boarded. Do Yoga, Be happy

Spanish   /   English

Color Esperanza  /   The colour of hope

Se que hay en tus ojos con solo mirar
que estas cansado de andar y de andar
y caminar, girando siempre en un lugar

I know what’s in your eyes with just looking at you
(I know) you’re tired of walking and walking
and walking, always in circles in the same place
Se que las ventanas se pueden abrir
cambiar el aire depende de ti
te ayudará, vale la pena una vez mas

I know that windows can be opened
to change the atmosphere depends on you
it’ll help you, it’s worth it once more
Saber que se puede, querer que se pueda
Quitarse los miedos, sacarlos afuera
pintarse la cara color esperanza
tentar al futuro con el corazón

To know it’s possible, to want it to happen
to get rid of our fears, to expel them
to paint our faces with the colour of hope
to tempt the future with our hearts
Es mejor perderse que nunca embarcar
mejor tentarse a dejar de intentar
aunque ya ves que no es tan facil empezar
Se que lo imposible se puede lograr
que la tristeza algun día se irá
y asi será, la vida cambia y cambiará

It’s better to get lost than never having boarded
better to fall in temptation than giving up trying
even though you see it’s not that easy to start
I know that impossible can be achieved
that sadness will go one day
and it’ll be like that, life will change and change
Sentirás que el alma vuela
por cantar una vez mas

You’ll feel your soul flying
for singing one more time
Saber que se puede querer que se pueda
quitarse los miedos, sacarlos afuera
pintarse la cara color esperanza
tentar al futuro con el corazón

To know it’s possible, to want it to happen
to get rid of our fears, to expel them
to paint our faces with the colour of hope
to tempt the future with our hearts
Saber que se puede querer que se pueda
quitarse los miedos, sacarlos afuera
pintarse la cara color esperanza
tentar al futuro con el corazón

To know it’s possible, to want it to happen
to get rid of our fears, to expel them
to paint our faces with the colour of hope
to tempt the future with our hearts
Vale más poder brillar
que solo buscar ver el sol
It’s better being able to shine
than just trying to look at the sun

Pintarse la cara color esperanza
tentar al futuro con el corazón

To paint our faces with the colour of hope
to tempt the future with our hearts
Saber que se puede...
Querer que se pueda...
Pintarse la cara color esperanza
tentar al futuro con el corazón

To know it’s possible
to want it to happen
to paint our faces with the colour of hope
to tempt the future with our hearts

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3 tips how to reduce muscle soreness after Yoga

Hi there,

Last Monday we had another yoga class and this was a powerful and dynamic experience, with lots of different postures to get strong and flexible in body and mind.

You may experience you have used your muscles like you haven´t before ;)

3 tips how to reduce muscle soreness after Yoga:

- 5 minutes morning stretch: stretching the legs, side bodies and arms. Circle neck and shoulders. Do this just before taking a shower when you are brushing your teeth.

- Drink 2 liters of water throughout the whole day. Try water with squeezed lemon or with mint leaves. Or even coconut water will do.

- Keep moving. Walk as much a possible or take a dive into the sea after work. Circulation is the body´s mechanism for transporting healing factors to the parts that need it most.

Finally, know that a little soreness is GOOD! It often means you’ve used a muscle in a way it hasn’t been engaged in a while, or that you’ve played at the edge of your capacity.

See you Wednesday or Monday at 20:15 hours at Calle de Moreno Monroy 5 3rd floor, Malaga centre!

New students are more than welcome to join the class!

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Yoga props rentals, Andalusia

Yoga props rentals

The chairs are suitable for Yoga practice.
The wooden blocks are suitable for handling and use.
Foam blocks with an appropriate density.

Others yoga props and facilities are available upon request.

(We also have a multilingual team of teachers for your yoga courses, meditation and health retreats)


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Isa Martinez is a SPANISH/ ENGLISH/ GERMAN SPEAKING AYURVEDIC THERAPIST based in Malaga City, and yoga teacher at Yogasala Malaga.

Once a month she will be in Urbanización La Virginia (Marbella) offering Ayurvedic treatment and massage. Ayurveda, the traditional Vedic science, is used to treat a great number of conditions including fatigue, anxiety disorders, depression, insomnia, digestive, blood circulation and breathing problems, muscle and joint pain. It also helps balance your body, mind, and spirit.

For more info and bookings please contact 
Isa Martinez, Ayurvedic therapist and Yoga teacher.

Tlf: +34 722 307 196
Mail: costadelsolsurya@gmail.com

La Virginia in Marbella

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Do you feel too busy with work, tired from all social appointment (eating tapas, having late dinners), your neck and back are feeling stiff and sore but your brain is overactive and your to do list gets longer and longer? You want your house to be tidy and prepare healthy dinner (with an empty fridge), you need to call mom and dad and so there is no time left to sit back and relax.

Does this sound familiar? I have been there, I think we all know this feeling of being too busy. Give yourself a break. Close your eyes for one moment and let yourself sink away in a daydream. When you suddenly get disturbed by a loud noise or the ringtone of your telephone you realize you are living in a hectic world which never stands still.

For me there is one solution; I roll out my yoga mat and start my practice. Why this helps? Here are my 5 reasons:

1. Give your mind a break

I recently read online that each day the average person has about 60,000 thoughts of which 90% are repeated thoughts. Is it any wonder with this amount of inner traffic we lose touch with our self? Give yourself a break and step onto your yoga mat! I ensure you won´t regret you went to yoga.

2. The after yoga-feeling

Do you remember how you felt after a yoga class? Your mind has been freed up, your body feels light and all over you feel sparkles. You are more conscious than ever, energetic and full of positive vibes! Try to keep this feeling as long as possible, because we all know yoga really starts when you come off your yoga mat.
3. Your body is your temple

“A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body.” Says Benjamin Franklin

Our bodies need proper nourishment, our bodies need physical exercise, our bodies need adequate rest and relaxation, and our bodies need stimulation of the mind to be at our very best. Below, I found the infographic on Huffingtonpost. I don´t have to give you any more explanation about the benefits of yoga for your mind and body.

4. Get into a healthy lifestyle

Yoga is not just a workout or a relaxation class, yoga is a way of life with a healthy lifestyle. You are more aware of what you eat, how you live your life and yoga let you think about your values in life. It´s the higher purpose you find when doing yoga.
So unclutter your mind and step onto your yoga mat to forget about your to-do list and daily concerns.

5. Experience every moment consciously

Do you really experience every moment consciously? Or are you thinking about your to-do list while you are on the phone with a friend? The practice of yoga allows you to be aware and still in a world consumed with chaos. Peace and tranquility will be achieved through a weekly focused yoga class where you experience the world with a helicopter view rather than seeing only your micro problems.

No time to waste! Step onto your yoga mat and give yourself a break!

Every Monday and Wednesday evening we teach English Yoga classes in Malaga centre (20:15- 21:15 hours). Calle Moreno Monroy 5 3rd floor. Side street of Calle Larios.

Subscribe yourself by sending a PM to https://www.facebook.com/EnglishYogainMalaga or send me a message (0034) 618 364 170 Saskia Gruijters

Source: Huffingtonpost

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Photo: Toni Otero


The Andalusian Institute of Yoga and the online magazine Yoga en Red announce the 1st INTERNATIONAL YOGA & MEDITATION PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEO AWARDS to celebrate the I International Day of Yoga on Jun 21, as proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly.
The organisers wish to promote yoga & meditation practices(asana, pranayama, and dhyana) and the values related to this practice (yama, niyama, and sila), as well as the positive effects it has for people’s wellbeing, and the influence on peace and harmony of society.   It is therefore with those ends in mind that we announce these awards based on a collaborative and participative spirit , where the awarded photo and video will not only have good technical quality but also will help spread the essence and values of this ancient practice.

1- Eligibility:

Any person is eligible to enter the contest, with the exception of jury members, board members, and employees of both Yoga en Red and IAYoga.

2- Categories: Theme: Yoga
                              Theme: Meditation 

3- Submission guidelines:

Contestants may submit up to two original and unpublished photos and one video. By entering the contest, all entrants warrant their materials are original and do not infringe on any third party’s rights, and agree to release and hold the sponsors harmless from any liability for any legal or economic claim derived from this clause infringement.


Photos must be in digital format (taken with a digital camera). Admitted format is high quality JPG with a resolution of 3,475 pixels or greater on their longer side.

All photos will be taken using sRGB color space. 

Entries will include a title followed by the Passport or ID number and entrant’s nationality.

No digitally altered or enhanced photos will be admitted. Neither will photo montages or cropped images. Photo editing can only include brightness adjustment, contrast, and white balance in order to improve visualization.


Videos will be uploaded in high definition and quality to any video platform (vimeo, youtube, etc.) with restricted privacy settings so they remain unpublished and only accessed by the juror. 

Entrants will send the link for private visualization via form on the IAYoga web. 

Http: // www.iayoga.org/photo - video - yoga-awards-2015.html   

When requested, 1st prize awarded entry will be submitted to sponsors in high definition and indicated medium


Entry submission period begins on announcement date and ends June 19, 2015. Only entries submitted during these dates will be accepted. They will be submitted via web form on the IAYoga web. To access follow this link: http://www.iayoga.org/photo--video-yoga-awards-2015.html

5- JURY: 

Judging will be conducted by renowned professional photographers and film directors, a member of Yoga en Red, and a member of IAYoga. Entries will be judged on their content and technical criteria. 

Deliberations and winner notification will take place on June 21, International Day of Yoga.


    Winners will be selected on the following criteria:

Video: How well the entry captures the values and essence of the theme.

Photo: How well the entry captures the values and essence of the theme.

Prizes: Winning works will be published and broadcasted nationally and internationally as winner’s recognition and a tribute to Yoga. Additional prizes will be eventually disclosed.


Awarded and non-awarded entries will become sole property of IAYoga, and entrants will grant IAYoga the right to publish them and/or use them to spread yoga and meditation values, as well as health, peace, education, peace, environment preservation, and other ethic and positive values, always mentioning the author. 

IAYoga will also request and allow Yoga en Red to publish all awarded entries citing the authors. IAYoga will also publish them on its regular dissemination channels, always citing the authors.

The use of all entries is regulated by intellectual property laws. 

Twelve photos will be selected  to be included in the 2016 IAYoga Calendar. Funds raised from commercialization of calendar will be used to promote yoga among youth and children, particularly to support the sponsor’s Yoga for Foster Kids Program, always citing the authors.


Jurors can declare the contest void, and their decisions are final. By participating entrants agree to all contest rules.
Date of award will eventually be notified to winners

DATA PROTECTION : According to the Spanish Data Protection Organic Law 15/1999, IAYoga will keep all data included in web forms, and will use it to promote photographic contests or activities the IAYoga sponsors or collaborates.

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Yoga für Kinder beim Sportfest YOGA Donnerstag 07.05.15 SUR DEUTSCHE AUSGABE

Yoga für Kinder beim Sportfest YOGA :: MÁLAGA. Am 9.
Mai findet im Athletikstadion (neben dem Sportpalast Martín Carpena) die Fiesta de deportes statt. Im Rahmen des Sportfestes veranstaltet Yoga Sala Málaga am 9. Mai um 10.30 Uhr im Kinderbereich vor der Bühne, eine kostenlose YogaSession für Kinder und Familien. Die Veranstaltung ist für Kinder ab fünf Jahren geeignet, die Eltern sind ebenfalls zur Teilnahme eingeladen. Einschreibung auf der Website yogasala.blogspot.com.es.

miércoles, 18 de marzo de 2015

Yoga in Málaga (Ay, my Málaga) during Easter, a great chance if you walk around here, single classes availables (and the Andalusian elections through, Ay!)

(Google translator. Ha, ha, ha!) Classes are working, except that of the evening days. In other words, no classes Monday 30 and Tuesday March 31 and April 1 at 6pm. and all am and noon. Click on the schedule . And whether you come back to your Malaga dear to holiday and you fancy a yoga, as if you walk on vacation for this our Málaga God has given us, and you mood for yoga, single classes are available, and offer 15 days irresistible. We are happy to meet you. Here our activities YogaSala (check the free labeled D *). And here the items in yoga networking of our beloved Joaquin G Weil. Be happy and love yourself . Life is wonderful. 

March 28, Saturday : Body and Psyche, Isabel Martinez and Be Pryce of 11-13. 

Meditation in Málaga, "substantially free" (pass it). In April YogaSala