Yoga Teachers

   Joaquín G Weil , Bachelor of Philosophy, practice Yoga for twenty years and taught for eleven. He is a student of Swami Rudradev (Iyengar prominent disciple), who has learned at the Yoga Study Center, Rishikesh, India . He has also studied with Dr. Vagish Sastri in Benares, among other teachers. has worked in the spanish version of the magazine Yoga Journal.


Rafael Valencia Valle , Assistant in Nursing, specializing in Psychiatry. Work Experience in Leeds, England, in the British Social Care for four years. He studied yoga and meditation in Malaga, Leeds and Pune, India. He does his work teaching yoga in YogaSala and the San Juan de Dios Hospital for four years. has created the group  SenderismoYoga, that combines Yoga and Mountaineering to Malaga.

Isabel Martinez has studied Yoga in India with masters like Rajiv and Swati Chanchani, authors of "Yoga for children", Usha Devi and Swami Rudra Dev, all Senior Iyengar Teachers. Isabel has worked teaching Yoga in the public schools Clara Campoamor García Lorca, in addition to their regular classes YogaSala. 

Ruth Arranz degree in Sociology and a Masters in business, after training as a yoga teacher changed her work as corporate marketing direcror for teaching yoga. With the arrival of his son acquired the experience necessary to practice a type of yoga adapted to the specific needs of women in this stage of his life. He then went exploring and studying the benefits of infant massage and yoga for children from birth. Classes for Pregnant and Postpartum Yoga with babies in YogaSala Malaga.

 José Luis Cabezas has long been one of the main collaborators of Godfrey Devereux, creator of the method Dynamic Yoga . Born in Malaga and Ibiza resident, Jose Luis has been giving training courses in deepening and Dynamic Yoga in Europe and the two Americas. has worked in thespanish version of the magazine Yoga Journal.

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