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YogaSala Málga in "La Chispa": "Malaga,Yoga City" issue october-november2012

With text by Paloma Goñi and photos by Victoriano Fernández Moreno, has been published in La Chispa the article Malaga,Yoga City, where is mentioned the YogaSala Malaga, Reyes San Martín, who often visit us on Fridays, from which we are honored, José Luís Cabezas, Isabel Martinez and Carolina Pino who colaborate with us.

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Malaga,Yoga City
Paloma Goñi Fernández

Yoga is an oriental discipline that counts with a wide implantation in the West. Nowadays it is common to find yoga courses in every corner of the European continent. In Málaga, the offer is more and more assorted. The first steps of yoga in the city, back in 1978, when Enrique Moya founded the now called Yantra Center, are now far away. But not only are the private initiatives growing. In the last years, Málaga City Council is offering yoga courses in five of the ten districts of the city. The “Aula de Formación Ciudadana” has been offering since January 2006 about 30 different courses and workshops, including yoga courses, in two levels. Thus, both those who discover for first time this discipline and the more advanced students can enjoy the courses offered by the City Council.

The training is divided in two terms that take place from October to December and from February to June. The courses are subsidized by Málaga City Council but the student has to pay 18 or 30 euro, depending on the term, as a registration fee. This means that the cost of the yoga course is only 6 euro per month. The lessons run twice a week and each of them has a duration of one hour and a half. Every citizen, living in Málaga and being over 18 years old, can apply for a place in this course. You only have to go to your closest “Centro de Servicios Sociales Comunitarios” or fill in an on-line enrollment in the section “Participación Ciudadana” in the website of the Málaga City Council (www.malaga.eu).

Reyes San Martín is the teacher in charge of the yoga lessons in the five districts of the capital where they are given: Málaga Este, Centro, Palma-Palmilla, Cruz de Humilladero and Puerto de la Torre. In the lessons, Reyes usually teaches yoga based in the Sivananda School, although sometimes yoga in pairs or even dance yoga are practiced. Reyes emphasizes “the social role and the spreading of yoga through these courses” and she points out that “the student usually recommend the courses to their relatives and neighbors”, spreading yoga little by little though the city.

However, if what you are looking for is the schedule flexibility in the heart of Málaga city center, the best option is the YogaSala. Joaquín García Weil is in charge of the center in which the schedule flexibility is really taken into account. Having paid the monthly payment, which rises to 55 euro, the student can attend the lessons as many times as he wants, at the time he wants, within some established times which sum a total of 18 hours of yoga per week.

Situated in Calle Moreno Monroy, n°5, floor 3°, next to Calle Larios, YogaSala is not just attended by students, pensioners and civil servants. It is also a meeting point for workers of the vicinities, who, attracted, among other things, by the schedule flexibility, practice yoga in this charming place with views to the Cathedral. Joaquin is the permanent teacher in the center and he has been teaching yoga in Málaga for 9 years. In the YogaSala, according to Joaquín, is taught “classical yoga according to Patanjali principles, based in the practice of asanas (physical exercise) and pranayamas (attention to the breathing)”. In addition, this year Isabel Martínez has started to teach in the program “1 hour of yoga in Málaga City Center”, which, as Joaquín points out, “consists in the teaching of yoga in the morning, before the office hours and at lunch time so that people who work in the area can learn and practice yoga”. In the YogaSala it is also offered the course of training in Dinamic Yoga, given by José Luis Cabezas as well as Yoga for pregnant, by Carolina Pino. For the advanced students, Joaquín also teaches a special lesson on Fridays.

In the recently remodeled YogaSala, with capacity for 25 people, other kind of activities, complementary to the practice of yoga, can be enjoyed. A workshop about Yogic techniques of relaxation is given three or four times a year. Moreover, in spring and autumn, when the climate is more favorable to practice yoga outdoors, YogaSala organizes the so-called “Weekends of Yoga and relaxation” in the Hotel Kadampa.

Joaquín considers that there is a good offer of yoga in Málaga, with excellent teachers, both veterans and young. However, he also points out that yoga has still a great capacity of expansion in the capital.

For more information, enter in the blog www.yogasala.blogspot.com or send an email to yogamalaga (@ symbol) yahoo.es
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