jueves, 30 de octubre de 2014

Emotional Freedom

Tired of living with uncomfortable feelings and emotions? 

Come and get to know this incredibly effective technique!!!

Get to the root cause and solve it from there.

For greater health and well being.

Julian Haberer
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jueves, 23 de octubre de 2014

English Yoga in Málaga

During my research to a suitable yoga studio in Málaga I came across Yoga Sala Málaga. In the middle of the centre in a historical building. When I entered the studio I felt the energy and peace I was looking for. I recognised myself here. Today one year later, I feel very delighted Joaquin has asked me to join the blog of the Yoga Sala Málaga, especially because it's in English.

Joaquin was enthusiastic about my suggestion to teach Yoga in English in his studio. My classes will be a combination of different yoga types like Vinyasa & Hatha yoga.

For every level, for those who want to be sportive, for relaxation and meditation. Awakening the bodies muscles to get flexibility and strength. Open up the energy points in the body to feel positive and energetic. But remember.....Yoga just starts when you get off the yoga mat.

Although English is not my first language I feel comfortable to speak and write it. In fact it's the language me and my brand new husband are speaking at home.

Let me first give you a short introduction of who I am;

Within a few months I´ll turn 34 years. My husband and I are now 13 months together. We married on the same day one year after we met each other for the first time in the same beautiful place in Malaga, Baños del Carmen. It was a non- traditional white- wedding.

I never expected my live would turn out like this. I went to Spain when I was 23 years old. I lived for about 7 years in Marbella in a poshy, rich and famous surrounding. I worked hard to build my business and traveled up and down to Holland to see my friends and get my inspiration. When my life needed a switch, I spent 2 years in Amsterdam. There I got more and more inspired by the yoga philosophy. After I passed my yoga teacher training I went off to India. Alone for a "once in a lifetime experience". Completely balanced and full of inspiration I came back from my trip and decided to give my life in Spain a GO again. I didn't go back to Marbella but to the inspiring and deluded city Malaga. I was still single for 5 years and since the first time I didn't care. I wanted to explore Malaga on bare feet, practice yoga and learn proper Spanish.

Today, 13 months later I am expecting a son to be born in January 2015, I found a partner in crime with who I can concur the world. Life in full of surprises and the unexpected happened!

Within all yoga keeps me in balance. As a very active and entrepreneurial woman like me yoga keeps me grounded and I try not to take life too serious. Every time when I feel out of balance I step onto my yogamat and find inner peace again.

Last but not least....I would like to share my top 5 focus points for this month with you:

1 Exercise daily (also if it is only 5 minutes, do some stretching)

2 Keep a journal (I use agenda to write down what I have done every day
3 Plan a schedule for a week (this helps me staying focussed)
4 Eat healthier (less sugar, more vegetables)
5 Smile to a stranger

Next month I will give you my top 5 yoga exercises which keep me balanced in this hectic world. Please feel to share your story with me and participate onto this blog.

Do you want more information about the English Yoga classes, please visit the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/EnglishYogainMalaga

You can also send me an email; saskiagruijters@gmail.com, or give me a call on 618 364 170.

With love, Saskia

Flexibility of the body means flexibility of the mind