viernes, 13 de septiembre de 2013

Bellydance classes in Malaga center

Yoga Sala is a beautiful and peaceful place in the center of Malaga, and every Friday afternoon at 5pm we enjoy dancing together to the rhythms of the music and our bodies. 

Many times, bellydance has been seen as a seductive dance made for the men, but never far away from the truth. The roots of bellydance are from the ancient cultures 5000 years ago. It was a dance uses to help the women in labor and used during the rituals of the goddesses. The movements were created for the feminine body, to stimulate, relax and strengthen the muscles needed during labor, menstruation and to keep the women’s body healthy.  

Bellydance can help you during your pregnancy and birth, to regulate menstrual disequilibria or pain, relaxing you uterus, strengthening the muscles in your hips and pelvis, regulating your body posture and helping you connect with your lower body. 

Bellydance is for all ages and body shapes, we dance together enjoying ourselves and connecting with our body and the music. You are always welcome to try a class for free and see by yourself the benefits for body and soul of this beautiful dance!
In class you can feel free to speak English or Spanish.

For more information
Sofia Nikander
Tlf 607 622 058 (in Spanish)