miércoles, 18 de marzo de 2015

Yoga in Málaga (Ay, my Málaga) during Easter, a great chance if you walk around here, single classes availables (and the Andalusian elections through, Ay!)

(Google translator. Ha, ha, ha!) Classes are working, except that of the evening days. In other words, no classes Monday 30 and Tuesday March 31 and April 1 at 6pm. and all am and noon. Click on the schedule . And whether you come back to your Malaga dear to holiday and you fancy a yoga, as if you walk on vacation for this our Málaga God has given us, and you mood for yoga, single classes are available, and offer 15 days irresistible. We are happy to meet you. Here our activities YogaSala (check the free labeled D *). And here the items in yoga networking of our beloved Joaquin G Weil. Be happy and love yourself . Life is wonderful. 

March 28, Saturday : Body and Psyche, Isabel Martinez and Be Pryce of 11-13. 

Meditation in Málaga, "substantially free" (pass it). In April YogaSala