miércoles, 8 de julio de 2015

3 tips how to reduce muscle soreness after Yoga

Hi there,

Last Monday we had another yoga class and this was a powerful and dynamic experience, with lots of different postures to get strong and flexible in body and mind.

You may experience you have used your muscles like you haven´t before ;)

3 tips how to reduce muscle soreness after Yoga:

- 5 minutes morning stretch: stretching the legs, side bodies and arms. Circle neck and shoulders. Do this just before taking a shower when you are brushing your teeth.

- Drink 2 liters of water throughout the whole day. Try water with squeezed lemon or with mint leaves. Or even coconut water will do.

- Keep moving. Walk as much a possible or take a dive into the sea after work. Circulation is the body´s mechanism for transporting healing factors to the parts that need it most.

Finally, know that a little soreness is GOOD! It often means you’ve used a muscle in a way it hasn’t been engaged in a while, or that you’ve played at the edge of your capacity.

See you Wednesday or Monday at 20:15 hours at Calle de Moreno Monroy 5 3rd floor, Malaga centre!

New students are more than welcome to join the class!

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