martes, 11 de junio de 2013

Our Center

Fotographys by Victoriano Moreno realized recently in our center

Gallery and entrance

Principal practice room 60m2

Coach, therapy and interview  room.

Our center, situated at a side-street from the principal comercial-street of Málaga. (C/Larios) is 120 m2, comes with a practice-room of 60m2 and capacity for more than 25 that can get to try and practice yoga with comfort.

It also comes with a room for therapies and interviews, two changing rooms for ladies and gentlemen, bathroom and shower.     

Yoga Schedule
The whole center is for your disposal for the activities that right now are coursed, and for the activities that you would like to organize with us on available hours, both every day hours and weekends.

The activities realized in our center are published on our blog (with more than 150 visits per day), on Facebook (almost 2800 people comected) and Twitter (almost 900 followers).

Here is a satellit photo so that if you don´t know the city, you can check how closeYogaSala in Málaga  (on the photo on the left hand side) is from the hills of Gibralfaro (on the top on the right hand side) and the wide beach La Malageta (on the bottom to the right). Walking calmly with beautiful view they are less than 15-20minutes away. Our center, for those who don´t know it, is situated on a sunny upper-floor between the principal commercial-street and the Cathedral, on a pedestrian area. Come and visit us.

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